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What Is “The Grid” And Why It Matters, And Why You Need To Get Off Grid To Self Sufficiency & Self Sustainability Now

We’re all interconnected. Everything we do is interconnected. No, I don’t mean on some spiritual sense, but in our day to day lives everything we touch and interact with is connected to one another. The hamburger you ate for lunch relied on a vast and unseen infrastructure and logistics system to get it from farm […]

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50 Uses of Duct Tape for Survival and Emergencies

The other version dates back to the same era, but gives the credit to the heating industry.  When people first began using central heating, aluminum ducts were installed throughout homes in order to distribute the heat to different rooms. The joints of the ducts were leaking, so in an effort to conserve heat, duct tape […]

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Second Great Depression: 10 Survival Food In Case Of Emergency

A catastrophic disaster or major terrorist attack can cause an immediate run on banks, market crash, social unrest and food shortages leading to a Second Great Depression; either be prepared beforehand or be broke with nothing, begging for food in the aftermath. What are the top foods to stockpile for an emergency of this level? What to […]

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Survival Food Most Common In Preppers Deep Pantry Storage

Which survival food choices are the most common? If all preppers were able to peek into the deep pantry food storage of others, what survival food types would be the most commonly found? WHAT IS SURVIVAL FOOD? It’s any food that you have purposely acquired and set aside (or rotate through) for preparedness. Typically a […]

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1816 – Year Without A Summer – Massive Crop Failure, Food Shortages

A big preparedness lesson from history is the summer of 1816 – the year without a summer. Apparently Spring seemed normal that year. But as the calendar progressed into summer, the temperatures & weather began rolling back. Cold temperatures and nearly permanent overcast was the new normal. The weather in North America and Europe during […]

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Top 10 Best Survival Home Remedies for Common Ailments

Top 10 Best Survival Home Remedies for Common Ailments … When All Hell Breaks Loose Bang for your buck survival home remedies … when all hell breaks loose. What to grow now or grab from local stores before it’s gone! What makes the best home remedy for an emergency? In a post catastrophe world medical treatment will most likely be absent. No […]

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The Best Pioneer Recipes That Survived The California Trail

Whether they came for land, seeking relief from religious persecution, gold, or driven by a sense of adventure, there are many lessons that the west-bound pioneers of the mid 1800s can still teach us today. The men, women, and children who put it all on the line to travel the Oregon Trail were tough by […]

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A Food Invented By The Native Americans It Stored For 50 Years. Here’s Their Recipe.

It was a food invented by the Native Americans, who depended on it when traveling on long and adventurous journeys when food was scarce, or when there simply wasn’t time to hunt and gather enough to eat. That was a lesson well-learned by many early European settlers, explorers and fur traders in North America. It […]

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The Growth Of The Chickens And The Countless Benefits

Our family finally took the plunge and invested in baby chicks.  My husband and I have talked about raising chickens for years and, honestly, I don’t know what took us so long.  We did our research, bought some books, looked on the web, went to the library, and decided this year was the year to […]

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Plan Your Survival Shelter: 5 Stages to Building a Survival Cabin

It’s happening now. This is a real SHTF event. Major disaster has hit, power is out, everyone is panicking, grocery stores are being raided and emptied within hours, and cars are grid-locked trying to make their way to safety, anywhere. No-one knows where that is. As Preppers, we have already prepared for this eventuality. We already […]