How Will You Cope With A Lower Standard Of Living?

Many Americans Are Not Prepared To Deal With Depression Level Living… The forces are mounting that will eventually overwhelm most Americans and send their standard of living to unknown depths. Americans that have only known the post WWII prosperity are ill equipped and educated to deal with depression level living. Easy credit and instant gratification […]


7 Terrifying Realities Of Long-Term Blackouts (That You’ve Probably Never Considered)

Before we get into our list, lets first describe exactly what is meant by a long-term blackout. does not characterize power outages by short and long term. They merely offer advice for dealing with power outages in general. It’s important we discuss the term because a Long-Term Blackout can mean many things to many people. For […]


History tells us that those without guns or those who have gun rights revoked tend to meet a terrible end: What should we do if Gun Control gets really Bad?

Simply the most important portion of our constitution, the second amendment gives us the power to protect the rest of our amendments. You could argue that any constitution or proclamation of mans rights is void and worthless if those included are not permitted the weapons and resources to protect the proclamation. There need to be […]


5 Best Survival Guns To Own When Civilization Collapses: When A Time Of Natural Disaster Or Civil Unrest, There May be No Avoiding the Need to Defend Yourself With A Gun

There’s no way to tell how society will one day collapse, but when it does, there’s no doubt that resources we routinely use in our everyday lives will become extremely hard to obtain. Grocery stores will no longer have their shelves stocked with food. Clean water will require much more than simply filling up a […]


Fighting Through A Large, Violent Crowd Is One Of The Most Dangerous Situations In The World: What Should You Do If Protestors Surround Your Car?

After watching the news for the past 3 years we have all seen an ongoing trend in the urban wing of society: street protests. And the favorite method of protesting among them seems to be blocking traffic. As a motorist you could be one hill, blind spot or bend away from finding yourself smack dab […]


The Third World War Will Take The World Back to The Ancient Time From Where We Have Progressed Slowly And Steadily: Top 10 Countries that Would Most Likely Cause World War 3

The world has faced two world wars till date and the third world war if occurs will take the world back to the ancient time from where we have progressed slowly and steadily. As the countries are now so much powerful and are equipped with so much of modern warfare technologies that it will not […]


Secrets to Surviving A Total Collapse: How Will You Survive In A Land With No Government Or Local Police?

Total social breakdown. Major cities gone. The complete collapse of civilization. How will you survive in a land with no government or local police? Communities, survivors left to fend for themselves. Included: What are key survival supplies for surviving the collapse of civilization? How will you survive in a land with no government or local police? What happens when communities and […]


We All Need to Cultivate And Grow Our Skills, And Sometimes That Skill Is Waking Down A Busy Street Like A Grey Man: Escaping A City During SHTF

If you spend much time reading prepper or survivalist blogs (including this one) you’ve probably heard the standard advice to get out of any city or heavily populated areas when the SHTF. This is for good reason and solid advice. There’s no doubt that cities will be dangerous, much more dangerous than areas outside of the city. You […]