12 Essential Things You Can Scavenge from Cars when SHTF: Make Very Sure A Vehicle Is Abandoned Before You Get Your Pliers Out And Start Ripping Bits Off

Cars are everywhere. If you’re anywhere near a city when the SHTF, you’ll come across thousands of them. And if the disaster is severe enough, many of these vehicles will be abandoned. Why does this matter? Because there are many survival items you can scavenge from abandoned vehicles. During a SHTF situation, pain could become […]


Cash Is Still King: Why Preppers Need to Stop Worrying about Gold and Start Keeping Cash (during a complete meltdown scenario gold is going to be the last thing most people are worried about)

Time and time again, I hear preppers advising people to stock up on gold and silver, but not many of them seem to understand the importance of cash. I know it’s almost Taboo to say anything bad about gold, but in my opinion, during a complete meltdown scenario gold is going to be the last thing […]


When Society Ends, Preppers Will Be Far More Prepared Than The Average Citizen: The Best Off-Grid Location When Society Ends

If you’re dead serious about surviving (and even thriving) when the power grid goes down and society ends as we know it, then you likely know one of the most important criterion to success is a good location off the grid. Some of us, due to family or work, need to live in suburbs or […]


14 Things to Stockpile for the Next Hurricane: You are the only one with your family’s best intentions in mind

What are the disaster recovery limits of the US government? What is the nation truly capable of recovering from? I have never considered this question until the 2017 hurricane outbreak. Even the 2011 tornado outbreak didn’t test my conscience the way this did. When does the US government tap out? While its hard for Americans […]


Building the Perfect Bug Out Bag for Your Car: Unfortunately, The Time May Come When You’re Forced to Abandon Your Cozy Location

Unfortunately, the time may come when you’re forced to abandon your cozy location; possibly prompted by weather conditions such as an impending hurricane or flooding, the outbreak of a contagious illness, or even heavy riots or looting. No matter how much you may love your home theater system and DVD collection of every season of LOST, […]


How To Avoid Perimeter Alarms When Scavenging Survivor Camps When SHTF Happens- Reality Is That It Could be Necessary, At Some Point

Okay when SHTF happens, it’s every man for himself. You do what you have to do to survive. This means possibly having to scavenge from other survivors if your supplies run low or are destroyed in the initial crisis. Smart, folks, though, will have perimeter alarms set around their camps or steads. So, you need […]


What to Eat When the Power Goes Out- If You Don’t Already Have A Stockpile Of Non-Perishable Food, It’s Time to Build One

When you’re in for some turbulent weather, do you head to the store with a list entitled, “Food for Power Outage?” Or do you already have a supply of food for power outages that you keep carefully hidden from your family? Many folks these days don’t have a way to cook when the power goes […]