Surviving The Next Great Depression- When The Next Great Depression Hits It Will Be Unlike Anything We Have Lived Through Before

Numerous economists and investors are warning of another great financial crisis to come but few people want to listen to them. No crisis is ever exactly like the last one and the next great depression will be different from the last one. In the last depression those who had money were in a good financial […]


Society As We Know It Will Collapse Very Fast In Case Of A Catastrophic Event: 10 Tips For Escaping Any City When Society Collapses

There’s a reason why big cities come to mind when we think of terrorist attacks or natural disasters. Any kind of a large-scale attack will always inflict more damage and tragedy on a city because of the massive increase in population. It will affect more people, creates more chaos, and deal the largest economic blow. […]


Take Control Of Our Future And Prepare For Hard Times: 9 Things To Do to Prepare for Hard Times Ahead

Most Prepper types that I know appear to have a common trait: they are good at evaluating risks then moving to mitigate those risks in a nimble manner.  What that means, in somewhat plainer English, is they have the ability to evaluate a situations, make a plan, learn from it, and ultimately act in a responsible […]


10 Dangers To Living Off The Land And Surviving In The Wild If Society Collapses…

How to Live off the Land if a complete breakdown of society ever occurs. Bushcraft, survivalism, self-defense, stealth and survival hunting and fishing. If America collapses you’re going to need a back-up plan for survival. Included: 10 Dangers to Living Off the Land and Surviving in the Wild. How many readers here remember the movie “Red Dawn” from the early […]

PREPAREDNESS Self Sufficiently

Second Great Depression: 10 Survival Food In Case Of Emergency

A catastrophic disaster or major terrorist attack can cause an immediate run on banks, market crash, social unrest and food shortages leading to a Second Great Depression; either be prepared beforehand or be broke with nothing, begging for food in the aftermath. What are the top foods to stockpile for an emergency of this level? What to […]


The Best Industry Experts Pick Their Must-Have SHTF Gun: Having A Gun For Defense Is The Best Option

OUR PANEL OF EXPERTS ANSWERS THE AGE-OLD QUESTION “IF YOU COULD ONLY GRAB ONE GUN WHEN SHTF, WHAT WOULD IT BE?” The question is pretty commonly heard at gun shops, barbecues and shooting ranges. Every shooter knows it, and every shooter thinks about it. What gun would you choose if you could only have one […]