What Would A Perfect World Be Like?

A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing.”, which is retarded because then the globe would completely unreliable, and people would wonder if Namibia is a real country. If you are unfamiliar with Thomas […]


Seattle Trying to Ban Land Ownership in Name of Equality

I’ve written about it many times in the past. The once great dream of owning your own little slice of land, living your life without having to worry about paying rent or relying on the government is gone. The American Dream is literally turning into an American Nightmare, as tyrannical politicians seek to limit your […]


The Zombie Apocalypse is Real, and it’s already started

The zombie Apocalypse is not only a very real possibility, I believe it’s already upon us. While it might not be the typical scenario that you’re used to seeing depicted in Hollywood movies, the reality of the situation is no less frightening. Remember the Bath Salt Zombie Attacks? Well, leave it to today’s youth to […]


We’are Already Living in the Zombie Apocalypse: People Dependent On Technology Are Already Zombies?

Zombies have become very trendy over the course of the last 10 years. Lots of preppers (myself included) use the possibility of a “zombie apocalypse” as the basis for their prepping. Other people look at us like we’re just plain stupid, but here’s some biting reality for you — we’re already living in the zombie […]


Will the Liberals or the Conservatives Start a Civil Unrest?

Prepping is a safeguard against a whole range of possible scenarios, and everyone has their own opinions about what’s most likely to happen and what would be the biggest threat. There’s one thing pretty much everyone can agree on, though, and that’s that widespread civil unrest is going to bring on a social collapse, at least […]


Mysterious gigantic rogue planet spotted lurking outside our solar system

A mysterious large object is floating around outside our solar system and researchers aren’t sure exactly what it is – although it could be a rogue planet. In the first radio-telescope detection of a planetary-mass object beyond our solar system, astronomers have found the strange celestial body has 12.7 times the mass of Jupiter. It […]


My dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on Facebook. I’ve got the screenshots. I don’t know what to do.

Tonight’s kind of a catalyst for this post. I just received another message, and it’s worse than any of the others. My girlfriend died on the 7th of August, 2012. She was involved in a three car collision driving home from work when someone ran a red light. She passed away within minutes on the […]


The Third World War Will Take The World Back to The Ancient Time From Where We Have Progressed Slowly And Steadily: Top 10 Countries that Would Most Likely Cause World War 3

The world has faced two world wars till date and the third world war if occurs will take the world back to the ancient time from where we have progressed slowly and steadily. As the countries are now so much powerful and are equipped with so much of modern warfare technologies that it will not […]

Alternative DIY Self Sufficiently Survival

15 Primitive Houses You Can Build Yourself

Imagine having a home that is truly yours, with no monthly rent or a mortgage payment. If you’re willing to live like our ancestors did, it can be done! Whether you need to improves a shelter after a disaster, or just want to run away to the wilderness, these primitive houses may be the answer […]


God and Guns: Your Biblical Right to Self-Defense: Should a Christian Carry a Gun?

Should a Christian carry a gun? It’s not an easy answer for many, and for good reason. Many sincere Christians wrestle with this issue due to their upbringing, bible interpretation, and host of other issues. But whether you should or should not carry a concealed weapon for self-defense or, more nobly, to defend the lives […]