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5 Water Storage Myths

In any emergency situation water is going to be at the top of your priority list. Without water, your survival chances are measured in days – and not many of them. It’s vital that you have access to a reliable supply of clean, safe water. How much? At a minimum, a gallon a day for […]


Protecting Your Family And Property Is A Natural Instinct- When Is It Okay To Open Fire On Intruders?

Can you imagine the moment when you discover an intruder in your home and pull a gun out of your gun safe? When your life and the lives of your family are at risk, you may be tempted to shoot first and ask questions later. But will you live to regret the decision to open […]


40 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Taught Us That Actually Work

These days, it has become all too common for people to reach for a pill bottle or call the doctor anytime something goes wrong, or even for the smallest scrape. The simple, wacky home remedies of our grandparents, those weird concoctions formed from everyday household goods, are often mocked by today’s medical establishment. But surprisingly, […]


Homestead Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

When you’re homesteading, any trick that will make your life easier is a good thing! We’ve found several different hacks that will help make things more efficient and, in the case of an emergency, will help make your life less difficult. Remember that the idea behind any life hack is simplicity. If it doesn’t hasten […]


Being Prepared Is About Being Ready to Survive In A World That’s Radically Different From The One We Live In Now: What’s the Limit of Your Morality in a Crisis?

As preppers we usually focus on practical steps that will give us a better chance of surviving whatever crisis comes down the road. We talk about what kind of food to store and how much of it, where our water is going to come from, and the best weapons to have available. These are all […]


Plan Your Survival Shelter: 5 Stages to Building a Survival Cabin

It’s happening now. This is a real SHTF event. Major disaster has hit, power is out, everyone is panicking, grocery stores are being raided and emptied within hours, and cars are grid-locked trying to make their way to safety, anywhere. No-one knows where that is. During a SHTF situation, pain could become an annoyance for […]


The World Is A Dangerous Place: How To Prepare For a HOME INVASION

Home invasion happens. While there are geographical areas more prone to home invasion than others due to socioeconomic and other circumstances, no household is immune. Home invasion could indeed happen anywhere. And you can be guaranteed that as we descend down further into the depths of economic turmoil, home invasion will become more wide spread […]

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8 Overlooked Survival Skills That Kept The Native Americans Alive

I have a lot of respect for Native Americans — those who populated this land before the first European white man set foot on these shores. History rarely mentions it, but countless thousands of those Indians were killed by disease and carried in the boats of those early traders. But before that, the American Indian […]

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All Of Our Lives Would Be Dramatically Impacted If An EMP Event Happened: 10 Things to Have Ready Before The Huge EMP !!!

What if you woke up one morning and nothing worked? What if there was no electricity? What if all transportation came to a halt? An EMP event would instantly destroy any means of telecommunication, bank account would disappear, planes would fall from the skies, nuclear plants would not be able to cool down the reactors, […]