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The Best Forgotten Tips To Make Traps Of Survival

During a long-term survival situation, one where you’re depending on the land to survive, one of the biggest challenges you’re going to face is finding and procuring food. In order to get enough calories, you’re going to have to find foods high in fat and protein; that means you’re going to need a way to […]

Self Sufficiently

26 Badass Camping Hacks For Your Next Trip

Are you looking for the best DIY camping hacks for your upcoming trip? Most survivalists live by the motto, do more with less, but it doesn’t stop at your emergency preparedness plans. It’s something you can take with you across all aspects of your life, especially for your next camping trip. So on that note, here are […]

Self Sufficiently

100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel

During our boiling, broiling, blistering summer of 2012 here in the Missouri Ozarks, water was a topic of conversation wherever we went. Creeks and ponds dried up (some never recovered) and the water table dropped, forcing a few neighbors to have their well pumps lowered or to even have deeper wells drilled. Many folks shared […]


Even If You Live In The City You Still Need to Learn Urban Survival Skills: 9 Urban Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

Those with the best chance of survival are the ones with survival skills. If you live in the city, these skills could literally save your life during the next major disaster. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, and the skills aren’t in any particular order. 1. Water Procurement and Purification Of course, […]


If You’re Concerned About The End Of The World As We Know It, Your Goal Should Be to Purchase A Bug-Out-Location That You Could Stay At Indefinitely

Most of my regular readers and I have a plan for sheltering in place during a disaster, but just because our focus is on urban survival doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a bug out bag, a bug out vehicle, and an escape plan. There are just too many scenarios where sheltering in place would not be an […]


Trading After Doomsday- If You Have A Plans, You Will Have A Better Chance For Survival

Many steps can be taken now to make sure you are prepared and are self reliant for after the coming apocalypse. You need to be sure you have your short term supplies, a place to go, plans on where you are getting your food, where you will be living, and you have self protection. What […]

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4 Homestead Essentials Every Off-Grid Family Needs for Comfort

Families choosing to live a life separate from the community support grid are on the rise. There is a newfound desire for more people discovering ways of being partially or entirely self-sufficient. Political and civil unrest along with worries about decaying infrastructure may be driving the movement. Many families are taking advantage of online information […]