Fighting Through A Large, Violent Crowd Is One Of The Most Dangerous Situations In The World: What Should You Do If Protestors Surround Your Car?

After watching the news for the past 3 years we have all seen an ongoing trend in the urban wing of society: street protests. And the favorite method of protesting among them seems to be blocking traffic. As a motorist you could be one hill, blind spot or bend away from finding yourself smack dab […]


24 Lost Survival Tips from 100 Years Ago – With Illustrations

When we’ll have no running water, no hyperactive emergency services, no electricity… we are going to turn back to what people did 100 years ago. Here you’ll find some “little” survival tricks popular in the early 1900’s and (some of them) useful even today. 100 years ago Gallaher Ltd printed a short “How-To” series, with clever hints […]


The Third World War Will Take The World Back to The Ancient Time From Where We Have Progressed Slowly And Steadily: Top 10 Countries that Would Most Likely Cause World War 3

The world has faced two world wars till date and the third world war if occurs will take the world back to the ancient time from where we have progressed slowly and steadily. As the countries are now so much powerful and are equipped with so much of modern warfare technologies that it will not […]


Wild Mushrooms: How to Tell The Difference Between Edible And Poisonous- Whether You’re Foraging In Your Backyard Or Looking For Food On The Trail, You Should Never Eat A Mushroom Until You Are 100% Sure It’s Safe

You’ve lost the trail and miscalculated just how much food you needed to bring with you. You stumble upon a sunlit grove with patches of mouthwatering mushrooms – are you saved? The following is an introductory guide for beginning mushroom hunters. Keep reading to learn how you can tell the difference between a fatal fungus and […]


How To Identify Venomous Snakes: Your Chances Of Being Bitten By A Snake Are Higher Than Your Chances Of Being Attacked By A Wolf, Bear, And Shark Combined!

Each year in North America, there are a reported 7000-8000 venomous snake bites. These bites happen for a variety of reasons, however more often than not, it boils down to human error. After all, snakes tend to be reclusive creatures and actively avoid confrontation. Venomous snakes, in particular, prefer not to bite so that their venom […]


Protecting Yourself from the “Knockout Game”

There’s a disturbing trend spreading through America called the “knockout game” where youths attack random, innocent victims by surprise and attempt to knock them out. This is not two thugs beating the hell out of each other; these animals are attacking ordinary people for no reason other than their own twisted entertainment. More often than […]

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15 Primitive Houses You Can Build Yourself

Imagine having a home that is truly yours, with no monthly rent or a mortgage payment. If you’re willing to live like our ancestors did, it can be done! Whether you need to improves a shelter after a disaster, or just want to run away to the wilderness, these primitive houses may be the answer […]


Secrets to Surviving A Total Collapse: How Will You Survive In A Land With No Government Or Local Police?

Total social breakdown. Major cities gone. The complete collapse of civilization. How will you survive in a land with no government or local police? Communities, survivors left to fend for themselves. Included: What are key survival supplies for surviving the collapse of civilization? How will you survive in a land with no government or local police? What happens when communities and […]

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Can You Survive Below Radar? Off Grid The Best Tips And Tricks

Lately so many people are getting so fed up with pervasive totalitarian spying on literally everything we say and do, that they’re wondering whatever happened to the American Dream? Add in out of control greed municipal intrusions with building code tyranny for exorbitant property tax profits, not to mention a noticeable increase in strangely nosy […]


God and Guns: Your Biblical Right to Self-Defense: Should a Christian Carry a Gun?

Should a Christian carry a gun? It’s not an easy answer for many, and for good reason. Many sincere Christians wrestle with this issue due to their upbringing, bible interpretation, and host of other issues. But whether you should or should not carry a concealed weapon for self-defense or, more nobly, to defend the lives […]