Survival Skills – Guide to Venomous Spiders: Spiders Might Not Seem to Pose Any Threat But In Reality, There Are Species Of The Eight-legged Arachnid That Are Dangerous

Bugging out in natural disasters or SHTF situations means you have to try to survive out in the wilderness. You may find safety in a bug out cabin or decide to simply set up a camp. However, being out there exposes you to a different set of problems, such as potentially deadly venomous spiders and […]


8 Basic Signs Of the Last Days Which Jesus Gave to Warn You What’s Coming: Are You Ready for the Liberator’s Return?

Before he left the earth, Jesus Christ gave eight basic signs about the end of what the Bible calls the “Times of the Gentiles.” Those days are just about completed and the Lord gave details about what would happen at the end and promised to return to the earth. The Lord did make it clear, […]


Be Your Own Best Defense Before Society Collapses: 5 Best States to Live In During Economic Collapses

A complete and total collapse of our economy is something that a lot of preppers are confident will happen sooner or later in our country, and whatever your personal opinion on the matter is, there’s no denying that this is an important conversation worth having. A world with a collapsed economy will be drastically different […]


The Most Used Vital Items The Pioneers Stockpiled For Hard Times: In Case Of SHTF Event Those Who Can Fall Back On The Skills Of Our Pioneer Ancestors Will be The Survivors

Stockpiling food and supplies for an emergency it began thousands of years ago. To the pioneers, stockpiling had to be a way of life. When Old Man Winter came to call, the only thing that would keep them alive was the food and fuel they had stored. If they were not ready, chances were that […]


We’are Already Living in the Zombie Apocalypse: People Dependent On Technology Are Already Zombies?

Zombies have become very trendy over the course of the last 10 years. Lots of preppers (myself included) use the possibility of a “zombie apocalypse” as the basis for their prepping. Other people look at us like we’re just plain stupid, but here’s some biting reality for you — we’re already living in the zombie […]