50 Items You Forgot To Put In Your Bug Out Bag

Do a search for “bug out bag list” and you’ll find hundreds of different checklists all over the Internet. So which one is right? The truth is, there’s no perfect list of items you should put in your bug out bag. It all depends on you, who will be with you, where you live, what types of survival items you prefer, and so forth.

However, there are some basic items that should be in almost every bug out bag. But once you have all the basics covered, you’ll need to make sure there aren’t any items you forgot. That’s where this post comes in.

You probably won’t be able to fit all of these items in your bug out bag, but this post is not meant to be a checklist. This post is to remind you of any items you would have put in your bag but forgot, and it’s to give you some ideas you might not have considered. The list is in alphabetical order.

1. Antibiotics

These could save your life. To fight 90% of infections, be sure to pack some cephalexin, ciprofloxacin, and metronidazole.

2. Baby Wipes

A very easy and convenient way to keep clean.

3. Backpack Rain Cover

Keep your bug out bag and its contents dry even if it’s pouring down rain.

4. Bandanas

You wouldn’t think so, but bandanas have dozens of uses.

5. Benadryl

If you’re outdoors and on foot, allergies could become a major problem.

6. Can Opener

If you have any canned food in your bag, then for God’s sake don’t forget to bring a can opener.

7. Celox Blood Clotting Powder

This stuff is great. It will stop small, penetrating wounds from bleeding.

8. ChapStick

Use it to moisten chapped skin, stop small cuts from bleeding, prevent blisters, start fires, and much more.

9. Clothesline and Pins

Even if you take a lot of clothes with you, you’ll still have to wash and dry them at some point.

10. Collapsible Bowl

A sturdy bowl that takes up very little space.

11. Compact Survival Fishing Kit

If you pass any lakes or rivers, try to catch some fish so you don’t go through your packed food as quickly.

12. Dental First Aid Kit

Tooth pain can be excruciating, but a temporary filling can help relieve the pain until you can get to a dentist.

13. Duct Tape

There’s a reason MacGyver liked duct tape. It has all sorts of surprising uses.

14. Ear Muffs

Frostbite on your ears will make you miserable. Don’t let that happen.

15. EpiPen

These are used in emergencies to treat severe allergic reactions. Ask your doctor to prescribe one.

16. Faraday shield

This will protect your electronics in case of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse).

17. Flash Drive

Scan all your important documents, forms of identification, pictures, books, etc. on this key chain flash drive.

18. Hoyle’s Rules of Games

If you pack a deck of cards, make sure you also pack this book.

19. Glow Sticks

You can use these to mark things in and around your camp so you’re not fumbling in the dark.

20. Goggles

Useful if you have to swim, and they’ll also protect your eyes from sand and debris in a storm.

21. Gum

I always have a pack of gum on me. And if you also have an AA battery, you can use that and the gum wrapper to start a fire.

22. Instant Coffee

If you’re a caffeine addict, be sure to pack this so you can avoid caffeine headaches.

23. Kindle Paperwhite 3G

Get one of these and load it with free ebooks so you can look up important information in the sunlight or in the dark. The battery lasts for weeks.

24. LifeStraw

Drink water directly from the source. This awesome invention filters up to 260 gallons of water.

25. Liquid Bandage

An invisible, flexible, waterproof, antiseptic bandage to prevent infections.

26. N95 Masks

Filter out dust, smoke, ash, and other small particles.

27. Moleskin

Protect calluses, blisters, and sore spots from painful friction.

28. Pantyhose

Has all sorts of surprising uses, from building shelters to hunting animals and more.

29. Paper Clips

Here are a couple dozen survival uses for paper clips.

30. Pen or Pencil and Pad of Paper

I recommend this space pen which works in all weather conditions and these waterproof notebooks.

31. Penny Can Stove and Denatured Alcohol

A small, lightweight stove that gets very hot and is very efficient.

32. Pictures of Family and Friends

This is important in case you get separated. People you encounter might be able to help you find your family and friends again.

33. Pocket Chain Saw

This takes up very little space but can cut through thick branches.

34. Poncho Liner Blanket

A weather-resistant blanket that can also be used for building a shelter.

35. Potassium Permanganate

Useful for starting fire, cleaning wounds, purifying water, and more.

36. Power Inverter

Even if you’re bugging out on foot, maybe you’ll come across an abandoned vehicle and be able to use this. It turns a cigarette lighter into an outlet and USB charger.

37. Ranger Bands

Secure belts, cables, cords, hoses, lines, straps, etc.

38. Seasoning Kit

Great thing to have if you’re hunting and foraging. Also bring some cayenne pepper as it has several health benefits and can keep pests away.

39. Sewing Kit

If it’s the end of the world as we know it and you’ve bugged out to a remote location far away from any stores, you’ll have to mend damaged clothes.

40. Sillcock Key

Great urban survival tool. This allows you to take water from buildings with outside spigots.

41. Siphon

Refuel your vehicle with gas from abandoned vehicles.

42. Sling Shot

Hunt birds and small game without wasting ammo.

43. Solar Charging Kit

Charge your devices and batteries whenever the sun is out. You can attach this to the outside of your bug out bag so it works even while you’re walking.

44. Spare Glasses and/or Eyeglass Repair Kit

The last thing you want is to be half blind in a survival scenario.

45. Stanley Wonderbar

Not just for prying open doors. This is a very versatile tool.

46. Trail Marking Tape

Find your way back in case you get lost or help others find you.

47. Trash Bags

There are dozens of reasons to pack trash bags.

48. Trick Candles

Since these refuse to go out, they’re great for building a fire in windy conditions.

49. Umbrella

Pretty self-explanatory. Being wet isn’t very fun, especially if it’s cold and you’re walking.

50. Zip Ties

Yet another small item with multiple uses. Even just a few of them could be useful.