14 Things to Stockpile for the Next Hurricane: You are the only one with your family’s best intentions in mind

What are the disaster recovery limits of the US government? What is the nation truly capable of recovering from? I have never considered this question until the 2017 hurricane outbreak. Even the 2011 tornado outbreak didn’t test my conscience the way this did.

When does the US government tap out? While its hard for Americans to believe it, resources have their limits. There is only so much that can be done by a government when storms of this size keep coming. What will the 2018 hurricane season look like and how will the earthquake threats of 2018 strain the governments ability to administer disaster relief?

You are the only one with your family’s best intentions in mind. You must be prepared, come what may. Now that we have some time to prepare for the coming hurricane season. I am going to give you 14 things to stockpile for the next hurricane:

#1. Water

The number one issue that hurricane survivors face is access to clean water. That might be clean water for hygiene or clean water for drinking. Either way, the flood waters are all contaminated and so are most local bodies of water.

Whether you decide to buy retail water or store water in specialized containers like water bricks, this should be priority number one.

#2. Gasoline

In my world gasoline is the doorway to success, in regard to hurricane preparedness. Generating power using gasoline is how I create comfort, safe food and quality of life after hurricanes. The generator was an investment but it’s the gasoline that makes her go.

I lived through a hurricane without a generator and I promised that would never happen again. Now its up to me to keep enough gas on hand to assure the generator runs. Get some nice large gas cans and find a safe place to store them while full.

Masking tape and marker can be used to date the gas. You should know how long its been around, so you can gauge if it needs to be used up soon or not. You don’t want to be dependent on stale gasoline.

#3. Tarps

Hurricanes bring damage and they bring it in a big way. Downed power poles, trees or even flying debris can create gaping holes in your home. Having tarps at the ready will allow you to act fast to keep your home from being destroyed by water damage.

There is really no substitute for large tarps. Don’t open them and they store better. We try to buy a couple each year even if we hadn’t opened last years.

#4. Cordage

The tarps won’t do ya much good if you cannot tie them down. It’s important that you have cordage on hand for these types of scenarios. There are a million and one ways that having rolls of cordage on hand can help. I like to keep two types on hand specifically. I like to have thick rope on hand as well as paracord.

Care for your cord and store it somewhere dry and if you are looking for efficiency in the face of disaster, keep it close to the tarps.

#5. Batteries

Batteries are entertainment, they are light, and they are communications. I have two-way radios, flashlights and toys that are all part of my hurricane preparedness plans. While I have made a conscious effort to move away from batteries and to solar USB power, there are some things that need those lithium ions.

I am a battery on clearance kind of guy. I don’t buy cheap brand batteries. I find them useless, but I do look for quality brands on sale.

#6. 2 Cycle Oil

If you have made the commitment to store the gasoline, you should also have the two-cycle oil for your machines and tools. Primarily, I keep this on hand for the chainsaw. If you have anything that can impede your routes of escape or fall onto your property you should have a chainsaw. If you have a chainsaw you better be able to fuel and sharpen it.

#7. Flashlights

The way that I govern flashlights in my own stockpile requires two very distinct types of flashlights. For my wife and I its important that we both have high lumen, reliable, high quality lights. So, having at least two of these on hand is important to me.

Having two young kids I also like to have options for them. So, I buy inexpensive flashlights that are powered by AAA batteries. I want flashlights in every room, but I don’t want to spend $40 on Olights in every room.

Small lanterns can also be a big help. The pop up lanterns are very impressive in how much of a room they can light up.

#8. Cash

As Americans we really stink at saving money. So, it would stand to reason that we are also pretty bad at saving cash, maybe worse.

Hurricanes bring on sweeping power outages. These are indiscriminate. Which means they shut your lights out just as quick as the banks and the power to ATMs. How are you going to get the things you need if all your money is saved in a bank?

A serious emergency fund is quite the goal. A dream would be to have 3 months of living expenses in metals and cash. That is lofty stuff. Still, there is no better time to start than now. Start putting a little hurricane cash away for a rainy and windy day.

#9. Ready to Eat Foods

Sometimes trivial things like your favorite foods will offer you serious comfort after a disaster. You might be trapped in your neighborhood, you might have lost all the food in your fridge and it will be important that you have an option or options, for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You don’t have to go the route of 25-year shelf life food storage options. You can also buy foods that are ready to go out of the package. I like having nuts, granola, beef jerky and canned fish around. These are great options. Canned fruit is another great option.

If you find pleasure in high calorie bars, they are great to keep on hand, as well. When disaster strikes, don’t even worry about dinner. Have it on hand already.

#10. Combat One’s Full Spectrum Hygiene System

This is a newer product that I have fallen in love with. It’s a waterless hygiene product that uses the power of colloidal silver to kill bacteria and get your body clean. Staying clean when the water is out, and the power can be a real challenge. Infection becomes a real concern when traipsing through flood waters.

The summer heat can create some serious stink in a week’s times without water. Instead of wasting precious water on cleaning yourself, stockpile the tactical bath by Combat One. It’s an eight-cloth pack designed to clean your whole body.

#11. First Aid

People get hurt and killed in hurricanes all the time. The high winds send debris flying and trees falling. Sometimes a simple tourniquet can be the difference between keeping someone alive or not. At the very least you should have a family sized first aid kit on hand.

I think its important to have one household first aid hub and trauma kits elsewhere. I keep them in bags and vehicles.

#12. Basic OTC Medicines

If you live through a devastating hurricane you are gonna have a headache. Be prepared with a stockpile of medicines for everyone in your house. That means you must include little ones as well. Make sure you can handle things like fever, stomach issues, cough, cold and pain.

Buy your meds and rotate them out. While they can be used past their expiration date they may not be as effective.

#13. Ammunition

Another hurricane recovery standard, unfortunately, is looting. If you have anything of value, you better have a way to protect it. That could be a business, valuables at home or even the guns themselves. There are some people who know no bounds when it comes to their evil. Even in times of great despair they will come after what’s not theirs.

#14. Alternate Cooking Fuel

If you do plan on cooking be sure you have alternate fuel sources. Rocket stoves or camping stoves are great ways to cook but you must have the fuel you need to keep them burning.

I keep a single burner stove that is fueled by small, screw on propane gas. This single burner setup allows me to cook hot food. While the hurricane season happens in the summer, there will come a time when your body is hungry for a hot meal.

Tax Free Holiday

The very best opportunity to build your hurricane stockpile is to take advantage of various states tax free holidays. There are 9 states across the nation that are currently offering these.

This is a great time to make that purchase of a more expensive item. Save money on a great generator by waiting for the tax-free holiday. Below I have listed each state involved and the dates of their event.

Happy hunting!

  • Texas (energy star products, air conditioners) May 26-28th, 2018
  • Florida (hurricane preparedness equipment) Jun 1-7th, 2018
  • Virginia (energy star products) Aug 3-5th, 2018
  • Louisiana (firearms & hunting supplies) Aug 31-2nd, 2018
  • Florida (energy star/WaterSense products) Sep 21-23rd, 2018
  • Georgia (energy star/WaterSense products) Cancelled
  • Maryland (energy star products) Feb 16-18th, 2019
  • Alabama (hurricane preparedness supplies) Feb 22-24th, 2019
  • Missouri (energy star products) Apr 18-24th, 2019
  • Texas (Emergency supplies) Apr 27-29th, 2019
  • Louisiana (hurricane preparedness items) Cancelled