8 Military Bug Out Vehicles You Can Own

We here at the Ranch are in the process of building 2 Bug Out Vehicles. One for THR central command, and the other for THR suburbia. We will be starting a series on both of the builds, one a low dollar build, and the other a mid-level build. While we would love to bring you the Ultimate BOV build, we simply don’t have the budget for it…yet. So while we are in the planning process of the different directions we plan to go with each one, we thought we would bring you 8 military bug out vehicles you can own.

Some of these are fairly easy to acquire as long as you have enough cash. Others on the list are a little more difficult to attain, but it is possible.


The Hawkei from Thales Group. Made originally for the Australian Defense Force, Thales started exporting the Hawkei this year. Classified as a light Protected Mobility Vehicle, it’s named after the highly venomous Australian snake. It can carry up to 6 of your family members and a payload of 6,614 lb or ALL of your gear. It has ballistic and blast protection to keep your family safe. Powered buy a 268 hp/ 450 tq 6 cylinder diesel and a six speed gear box, it will take you just about anywhere.



The Sherpa from Renault. The Sherpa comes in six different defense versions and is also offered in a civilian version. Also in the light armored vehicles category, its available unarmored and fully up-armored. It can carry a family of 5 and has a payload of 8,000 lbs.  Power comes from a  4.76-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. Its puts out 215hp and 590lb-ft of torque, and has a six-speed automatic transmission. It can be had in civilian guess for the small sum of $272,000 More info at Renault Defense.



The L-ATV from Oshkosh Defense. Made right here in the U.S.A., the L-ATV can carry a family of 4 and a payload of 4000lbs. Providing the go is a diesel-electric hybrid power-train that allows the purpose-built vehicle to run near-silent should it be required. It also has 20 inches of suspension travel at all 4 corners so it will go where its asked. Find out more about the L-ATV at Oshkosh Defense.



super cat.

Supacat LRV 400 from Land Rover. If you need to bug out of Dodge at a quicker pace, why not do it in an up-armored rally car based off of the QT-Wildcat? It can carry a family of 4 and has a payload of 3100 lbs. of your gear. It comes standard with a  3.2-litre five-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine from Ford that’s good for 236 horsepower, although you can opt for V8 gas engines producing up to 640hp. Prices start at just under $250,000.  Find out more at Supercat.



Gurka RVP from Terradyne AV.  Made by our neighbors to the north, Terradyne makes some bold claims about their armored trucks. The Gurka comes in 3 different versions and all are powered by a   6.7 L V8 turbo diesel making 300 HP, 660 lb-ft of torque. The RVP will accommodate a family of 5 and you can put 6000 lbs of gear in its short bed. Find out more about the Gurkas and get lost in the videos at Terradyneinc.


Tigr from Gaz. gaz_tigr_1Our Comrades oversea’s have developed 11 different variant of the Tigr. Ranging from the Tigr-2 civilian model to the Kornet-D missle launcher. They can transport anywhere from 2 to 10 people. They came with 6 different diesels ranging in H.P. from 190-420. It is also available in an up-armored version should the need arise. Since it coming from Russia, it difficult, but possible to acquire. Prices start at $110,000.




Marauder from Paramount group. Weighing in at Ten tonnes of South African stoutness, the Marauder can accommodate a family of 12 and carry up to 4,500 lbs of your gear. Wearing a double-skin monocoque , it virtually resist  all forms of light-arms fire. Powered by a 300H.P./ 815 ft-lb diesel, it will drive over or through just about anything. All of this comes at a hefty price of $485,000. Find out more at Paramount Group.

And last, but not least…



The HMMWV from AM General. Where to start… The HMMWV has been is service now for more than 30 years. There has been over 42 variants use by the U.S. armed forces in that time period. Available in just about any configuration you can think of, the HMMWV has transported or carried it all. It comes standard with seating for 5 and can carry 2,500 Lbs. Best of all, with the Millions of them out there, you can find a low mile BOV in great condition for under $40,000. You can find them a lot cheaper if you don’t mind a little wear and tear.  Find out more at AM General.