5 Worst Places to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Your First Goal In Any Disaster Is to Survive The Shock And Come Up With A Reliable Plan

You’ve probably had this conversation a hundred times with your friends, but the time has now come to make a decision. Zombies have finally taken over the world, and you’re in a panic because you need to head somewhere safe. After you’ve grabbed all of your zombie gear the only thing you have to do now is choose where you’re going to go. The vast majority of people are going to run towards the same places, but unbeknownst to them they’ll be making a big mistake.
We’re going to discuss which places you’ll want to avoid.

1 – Climbing Up To the Rooftops.

At first you might think you’re safe because all the zombies will be ground level, but if they somehow find their way up you’ll be stuck with nowhere to go. It gets much worse thanks to Mother Nature. If you’re up on a roof you’ll be completely exposed to the elements, and it won’t take long before they get to you. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, you won’t stand a chance.

2 – Heading to a Sporting Goods Store.

If your zombie gear doesn’t include a weapon, a sporting goods store would definitely seem like a good idea. In reality things would be a little different, and it’s actually the other survivors you would have to worry about more than the zombies. Unless you live right next to one there will already be hundreds of people there when you arrive. You’ll be fighting over weapons with those who will do anything to survive. Even though you’re not a zombie they’re likely to kill you. Bad idea.

3 – Running to the Grocery Store.

The same kind of thing will happen in this scenario too, except it could be even worse. If you thought lots of people would be running to find a weapon, can you imagine how many you’ll find trying to stock up on food? There will be thousands of people already there who will kill you in order to guarantee they don’t walk away empty handed. You would only be able to carry so much food anyway, because strolling through the crowds with a shopping cart would be impossible.

4 – Finding Shelter in a Hospital.

Do you know how long it takes once you’ve been bitten before you turn into a zombie? In most movies you see it doesn’t happen immediately, but even if it only took a few hours you can surely see why this would be a disastrous idea. Even if you knew what was going to happen you would still go looking for a cure. If you try to find shelter in a hospital you’re heading into a death trap.

5 – Seeking Refuge at the Mall.

The absolute worst place you can go if you want to survive a zombie apocalypse is the mall. All of the food you’ll find there will either be frozen or needs to be cooked, and I don’t think you’ll have too much time to prepare a nice meal. You’ll lose power after a few days too, because backup generators will only last 48 hours. They’re also bang in the middle of well-populated areas, and with all those glass entrances scattered around the building you’ll have thousands of zombies trying to find a way in to feast on you. Once the first person is bitten all hell will break loose.

Now You Know Where You Shouldn’t Go

The basic idea is stay away from everyone else. If you choose the most obvious option you’ll probably be in for a bad time. Your first goal in any disaster is to survive the shock and come up with a reliable plan.
Now that you know where you shouldn’t go, think outside the box. Think what places far away from urban areas offer protection and isolation. If you want true isolation think of natural settings that are inaccessible: caves, mountains, elevated areas or even mines.

If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas drop them below.