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10 Advantages Of Using Cast Iron Cookware When SHTF

Cast iron is one of the best types of cookware to use in everyday life. Even better, cast iron is a great cookware option to go for in a SHTF scenario. Cast iron is not the lightest but is sure worth it to bring. To survive you are going to need some way to cook. Having a cast iron pan gives you the ability to cook food and has much versatility as you will soon see.

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Is Cast Iron Really Durable And Can It Withstand a SHTF Scenario?

 If you have ever used cast iron you will know just how strong it is. It is very heavy duty, which does make it heavy, but it is worth it. You will not have to worry about it breaking on your journey or breaking during cooking. These pans do not even chip. The temperatures they can withstand is high, as well, making it perfect for direct flame on a campfire. Other pans cannot withstand such heat. A cast iron can safely, without burning the cure off, get to about 450-500°F. The temperature can go even higher without the cast iron being damaged except that the cure will burn off.

Better Tasting Food Or Is It Just a Myth?10 Advantages of Using Cast Iron Cookware When SHTF

Foods tend to taste better in a skillet. This may seem superficial in a doomsday scenario but it’s not. Good tasting food when in a bad situation is something that is actually very useful to boost spirits. If just by having better tasting food can push you to the next day it is worth it. The reasoning behind the better taste is thought to be the even distribution of heat when cooking.

What Foods Can Cast Iron Pans Be Used For?

If brining a cast iron pan with you in a SHTF scenario is the only pan you bring, it is not a bad thing. Cast iron pans are normally deep enough to cook whatever you like. You could also choose to bring a Dutch oven with you instead. They are heavier but are more like a pot giving you the ability to make soups or stews. Whatever you choose, both are great for cooking whatever you desire.

Is Cast Iron Healthier Than Other Pans?10 Advantages of Using Cast Iron Cookware When SHTF

Another magical trait of cast iron is its health benefits. With cast iron you do not need to put oil on your pans if seasoned properly to begin with. This is one of the best characteristics about cast iron because then you won’t have to have or pack any oil with you for the pan. Making it healthier for you as you will not have to consume a lot of butter.

Cast iron is also healthier than non-stick pans. The non-stick Teflon is not good at all! It releases harmful chemicals and if you breathe them in, can give you flu-like symptoms. Why take the risk, even if you are not in a SHTF scenario.Here are 23 survival uses for honey that you didn’t knowabout.

Iron And Its Impact On Your Health

To tie in with the health benefits, cast iron is a great source of iron. The body needs iron, and in a doomsday scenario you might not have access to foods. Iron is in foods like shellfish, spinach, liver, and pumpkin seeds. Most likely you would not have access to these foods and you certainly won’t be able to pick them up at a supermarket. Lack of iron would then lead you to getting iron deficiency anemia. Iron is really important for women, girls, and pregnant women as well.

A Pan With Another Special Use

It may seem ridiculous but cast iron pans make great weapons! They are really heavy duty, and could you imagine getting hit by one of those in the head! You probably will run out of ammo, if you have any at all, so you have to get creative with weapons to defend yourself.

How Long Do These Pans Last?

Cast irons last forever! This is what is great about them. The durability allows for you to never have to worry about breakage or it going bad. It would probably outlast any SHTF scenario.

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Price Range

Another benefit of cast iron is their inexpensiveness. This also very much depends on where you get them from. If you go through online or in store, the lowest cost to get them at is around $20. Sometimes they can go for even more money. The best place to get them is through yard sales, flea markets, and antique stores. You can normally get them for a couple bucks. Their use also makes them inexpensive in that they require little fuel. Whether you are in the woods or in your home when a bad situation is happening, conserving fuel is important. Cast iron is good with this as once you get the pans hot they hold onto the heat.

Clean Up Time10 Advantages of Using Cast Iron Cookware When SHTF

Cleaning these pans is so easy! You should never wash cast iron pans if you can avoid it. Washing the pan removes the seasoning, or the non-stick, making one of its best qualities obsolete. To clean, simply scrape off any residue. If it has a good seasoning, the food should not stick on it.

Are Cast Irons Pans Good With Holding Heat?

As mentioned earlier, cast iron holds heat extremely well. This is easily done by heating the pan as you would any other. Then once you get the pan going you can reduce the temperature you’re cooking at or take off the fire. Then the pan can continue cooking the food as the pan stays hot for a while. This works really well with the Dutch cast iron ovens.

How To Season Cast Iron Pans?

Seasoning the pan is important to do as it is what keeps the cast iron pan non-stick. It is something that should be done before a SHTF scenario as well so that you are fully prepared when you need to go. To do so, you first need to wash the pan. Then dry the pan very good so there is no moisture. Then apply an oil such as vegetable oil or shortening that is melted. Put it in your oven at a temperature of 375°F and leave the pan in for an hour. Shut off the oven and leave it in there till it cools.

Even with the weight of the cast iron, it is totally worth it to carry with you. Having something to cook on is a necessity if you want a more long-term survival plan.Also, whatever you destination is, to be in a survival situation, there is no reason you couldn’t leave the cast iron there. That way you would not have to carry it on your journey. Whatever the path you take or whatever decisions you make, choose a cast iron pan!

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