The First 5 Foods You Should Stockpile For Disaster

Stockpiling prepper food is THE BEST investment you can make. Why? Because the alternative (a.k.a. the downside) is too scary.

Don’t wait, start right now because remember, there are no do-overs in survival. When all the grocery store food is gone, you get to live on what you’ve stockpiled.

While this doesn’t constitute a complete list of every type of food that you should stockpile, it’s a good starting point.

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1. Pemmican- Pemmican is a portable, long-lasting, high-energy food. The great thing about pemmican is that it is so calorie-dense, just a little bit of it can sustain a full-grown man all day long

Once the dried meat and rendered fat are ready, you can mix them together and form bars or balls that can last several weeks or months without being refrigerated, this brings him to the 1 st place.

2. Pasta- Pasta is extremely shelf-stable in dried format. Dried pasta has little to no fat or moisture content, which is why it resists spoilage. Even in the cellphone wrapping, spaghetti noodles will last more than two years beyond the expiration date. And you can enhance the shelf life by canning dried noodles or packing
them away in mylar and food grade buckets.

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3. Coffee and Tea- More than 160 million Americans drink coffee or tea on a regular basis. Once again, comfort food, but this time for the adults. Many of us don’t function well before our second cup of coffee in the morning.

4. Bread- After a disaster, white bread will fill the belly and you can serve it with soup. I hope people in your community are teaching each other how to make bread with or without a bread mixing machine. If it’s a freshly ground whole wheat bread class, you rock. I grew up making bread so it’s just a way of life for me and saves me lots of $$$ on my food budget.

5. Water- We don’t want to forget to stockpile a good supply of water, water is a critical part of people’s everyday lives. In parts of the world where access to clean water is impeded, the effects have extensive implications for people and the environment. When a disaster hits, even countries with the safest water supplies can become vulnerable to a myriad of problems.

Before buying anything, take the time to figure out about how much of each food type you’ll need. Keep your eye open for sales as well, as that will provide you with needed opportunities to save money.

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