8 Steps to Prepare for Civil Unrest: Unhappy People In Large Groups Can be A Volatile Bunch

This is a topic that isn’t talked about very often, probably because it’s something we just don’t like thinking about. But it’s just as important to prepare for as natural disasters, and those we do talk about a lot.

Natural disasters are common in pretty much every state – snow storms, earthquakes, tornadoes…. If you don’t to worry about have one, you’ll most certainly have to deal with another. But there’s one crisis that you just don’t hear much about.

Civil unrest.

ferguson-riots- via Music Times - civil unrest

Unhappy people in large groups can be a volatile bunch, which means civil unrest can erupt without warning. This can be caused by an economic collapse, a protest turned sour, or any other inciting incident that we just can’t predict. Remember what happened in Ferguson, MO? The streets turned to chaos – cars were burned, businesses were looted and torched, and it was definitely not a place you’d want to take an evening stroll. In fact, staying inside was probably the best option for staying safe.

The riots in many areas of the country are a glimpse into what could happen if things were to really turn sour. If the economy were to collapse like it did during the Great Depression – and the chances of that happening are not being discounted – the unrest throughout the nation could be devastating. Stores will be quickly emptied of food and supplies, and it will be first come, first served. And if it is an economic crisis, who’s to say when we’ll get out of the slump?

Preparing for such unrest and crises is done much the same way we prepare for snow storms or hurricanes or other natural disasters. We prepare now – today – before the storm hits.

Have you ever thought about living without electricity, internet or mobiles? We can guarantee that the majority of our readers can never imagine this kind of scenarios.
However, there are chances that this type of conditions arises in your life due to flooding, tornadoes, draught or even war.
How could you survive in this type of dangerous condition? We believe you should stay prepared by learning the essential skills needed to deal with these disasters, watching this video

We’ve been warned time and time again that hard times are coming. We don’t know precisely in what form or when it will happen, but as sure as you’re reading these words, you’re bound to experience turbulent times, if you haven’t already. And even if you have, that doesn’t make you immune for what’s coming (sorry).

When unrest does happen, there will be two main scenarios: bug-in, or bug-out.

It might not be possible to leave your city, due to any number of situations, so staying put in your home might be your best option. If you do stay in, you should have at least a 72-hour supply of food and water. Food and water that will last you and your family a month or more would be even better. If you’ve been prepping for natural disasters, you should already be well on your way to being comfortable during a season of unrest. But just in case, here are a few things you should consider stocking up on:

1. 30-day food and supply

This should include easy-to-make food, such as freeze-dried meals, that don’t require much effort or energy. As for water, having a water filter can keep you supplied with water for months, and it only takes up a little bit of space on your shelf.

2.Warm clothing/blankets

This includes winter jackets, sleeping bags, gloves, warm hats, and other necessities that you would want if you were forced outside in the winter.

3.Power sources

Hopefully the power will still be on, but you never know what might happen. Make sure you have some alternate sources of power so you can charge your phone and other devices.


Again, if the power goes out, you’ll need some sort of light. Flashlights are an obvious choice, but consider getting different kinds of stationary lighting that you don’t have to hold on to.

5.And of course, toilet paper

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, but let me just say…being stuck inside your home without it could just add to the unpleasantries.

civil unrest

Now, according to some, being in a large city might not be the best thing during a disaster scenario. So if something happens that requires evacuation, you’ll want to be the first out, which means you will want to have your emergency gear easy to pack and haul out to the car without wasting time. In case this option arises, there are some other considerations to keep in mind.

1.Keep your gas tank full

Or as full as possible. It’s recommended that you keep your gas tank at least half full. That way, if you have to leave, you can at least hit the road and gas up somewhere else, thus avoiding long lines at the pump and the subsequent traffic jams leaving the city.

2.Car kit

This includes tools as well as emergency supplies. If your car breaks down, make sure you have something to tinker around with. Fixing that loose belt under your hood will be rather difficult with just your bare hands.

3.Everything you would need if you were bugging-in

If you’re forced to leave your home, for heaven’s sake make sure you take as much of your emergency supplies with you as you can! As mentioned above, make sure your food and water supplies and other emergency gear is easy to pack up so you don’t linger longer than necessary.

I desperately hope that this never has to happen to any of us, but with the way things are, you never can be certain. If you don’t have to ever use these emergency supplies for civil unrest, however, you might still have to use it for natural disasters or even to get you by following a job loss or accident. Being prepared for one emergency will help see you through many others. So while it’s on your mind, go on out and get a case of water during your next shopping trip.

Remember, if the weatherman predicts rain, grab an umbrella.